“Passionate Kisses”: Sarah Jessica Parker Reunited With John Corbett On The Set Of The Series!

Sarah Jessica Parker and John Corbett reunited on set. The passionate relationship of the actors struck the fans of the series.

The TV stars appeared together in the sequel to the series “Sex and the City”. They starred in a love scene.

The 57-year-old actress hugged her partner, who played her boyfriend and later fiancé Aidan Shaw in the third and fourth seasons of the project. The characters rekindled their romance after the death of Carrie Bradshaw’s husband Mr. Big.

For their date in New York, Parker wore a trench coat over a blue and white floral print dress and sparkly heels. The actress stood on the last rung of her brownstone staircase, hugging John. He gently held her by the waist and kissed her passionately. He didn’t have a wedding ring.

The feeling between Parker and Corbett was palpable to viewers who witnessed the scene.

Fans of the series ambiguously perceived the footage with the couple.

Carrie and Aidan’s first meeting took place in his furniture store. Aidan later proposed to an unsure Carrie, who accepted but only wore a wedding ring on a chain around her neck. Their romance ended once and for all in the fourth season, when she admitted that she was not ready to marry her boyfriend. She was frightened by how smooth their relationship was.

In the series, Aidan made his last appearance in the sixth season when Carrie confronted him and his young son. The designer said that he married a colleague.

The reunion comes 13 years after Corbett last played the role of an attractive furniture designer in “Sex and the City 2”. Then Aidan and Carrie unexpectedly met in Abu Dhabi.

The couple agreed to meet for dinner – despite Charlotte’s warnings that Carrie was playing with fire. As a result, they kissed.

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“Passionate Kisses”: Sarah Jessica Parker Reunited With John Corbett On The Set Of The Series!
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