“Not Puffy Anymore, I’m Attractive!” Madonna Showed Her Face After Plastic Surgery

The 64-year-old star caused a stir during the Grammy Awards. When the singer took the stage, many stared at her face – it became smoother, and her lips and cheeks changed noticeably. Fans suspected Madonna of plastic. Two weeks after the event, the hit singer Frozen clarified.

Madonna confirmed that she went to a plastic surgeon. She noted that she was satisfied with the result of the transformation. “Look how attractive I am after the postoperative swelling subsided,” Madonna explained.
The mother of six children did not specify what kind of operation she underwent and when it happened, but she showed her face in a close-up. The actress appeared in a relaxed way: a gray hoodie ripped jeans and a baseball cap. Madonna starred in the car and in the studio.
A plastic surgeon from Chicago believes that the star made herself a facelift. Michael Horn also saw signs of rhinoplasty and fillers on Madonna’s face.
Fans of the actress are excitedly discussing the news about her transformation. “She looks good,” “No, she still looks like an alien. You don’t need such interventions”, “She doesn’t look like herself anymore”, “Natural wrinkles on her face would look better,” users said.

Madonna believes that at the Grammys her face was distorted by bad camera angles. The performer of the role in the film “Best Friend” called the criticism against her “ageism and misogyny.”
The star opened up about her experience of raising six children. The Michigan native has admitted to being a strict mother. The artist is proud that her children have found their way in life.

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“Not Puffy Anymore, I’m Attractive!” Madonna Showed Her Face After Plastic Surgery
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