A image of a bird was taken, however it wasn’t truly a bird.

As Lily was trekking in a national park, a bird was grinning at her. She snapped a photo of it since she believed it to be a creature of an entirely another sort. Her favorite activities are trekking the outdoors and shooting photos of flowers. The young photographer must overcome the difficulty of photographing lively animals.

They frequently move too swiftly for her to capture quality pictures. In fact, she was able to take three slower-than-usual pictures of the same animal. Bird photography requires days of waiting. On that particular day, up in a massive tree, I believed I saw a juvenile frog.

She couldn’t believe her eyes so she grabbed her phone to take a photo. She then enlarge the image to have a closer look. Lily was disappointed to learn that her new bird friend was actually only a bush.

I wondered why the bird was still there as I zoomed in on the picture. I ultimately realized it was simply a bush, she said. These come from just one tree. Their seed pods might therefore resemble little birds, which makes them particularly interesting.


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A image of a bird was taken, however it wasn’t truly a bird.
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