“Well, Why Did You Do That?”: Stars Who Spoilt Their Appearance With Plastics!

Every woman has a desire to experiment with her appearance and become more attractive.

With the help of plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures, some people succeed, and some not so much. Today we have prepared photos of celebrities who spoilt their appearance with plastic surgery.

Lindsey Lohan

29-year-old Lindsay Lohan is still an idol for many. But the photographs show how plastic has changed the face of the actress.

Lara Flynn Boyle

Donna Hayward, the heroine of many series, was an awesome beauty. But according to Internet users, because of senseless onepations, 45-year-old Lara began to look much older than her peers.

Melanie Griffith

Once Melanie Griffith was invited to play the role of a mother, the 40-year-old actress then expressed dissatisfaction, adding that she was too young and beautiful to play middle-aged heroines. Today, the face of 58-year-old Melanie is ruined by operations and she only performs voiceovers.

Janice Dickinson

The appearance of the American model has changed due to plastic interventions. Addiction to alcohol only exacerbated the situation.

Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan at first wanted to have only plump lips. But, unfortunately, Ryan failed to stop in time, and today the face of the 54-year-old actress looks like a frozen, inanimate mask.

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“Well, Why Did You Do That?”: Stars Who Spoilt Their Appearance With Plastics!
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