Monica stars completely nаked, illuminating her wonderful brеаsts

Monica stars completely nаked, illuminating her wonderful brеаsts

The actress became the heroine of a spicy shoot. Monica Bellucci (Monica Bellucci) posed completely nаked in front of the lens of a famous photographer.

The star of the film “Malena” is 58 years old, but she is still one of the sеxiest and most attractive actresses in the world. Fans of Monica are delighted that she manages to grow up beautifully without distorting her unique appearance with cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries.

The ex-wife of Vincent Cassel is confident and is not going to give up positions. She regularly takes part in candid photo shoots, and this time she posed completely nаked for Numero magazine. Bellucci posed for famous photographer Marcel Hartmann.

The actress was lying on her back with an elegant hairstyle and dusty pink lipstick, covering her bare brеasts with her hand. However, she failed to completely hide the magnificent bust. “Exalted Monica.

Thank you for your trust. So much beauty and kindness, ”Marcel wrote on his blog, commenting on the picture of his beautiful model.

Bellucci published another frame from the photo shoot – already more modest, but no less interesting. She appeared in a tight black dress with a contrasting white pattern. The movie star said that she embodied the image of Tina Modotti, a photographer and revolutionary.

“Tribute to Tina Modotti who was born Italian. She was a model, an exceptional photographer, an actress and a revolutionary in Mexico, where she diеd at the age of 45,” Monica said.

By the way, back in 2018 it became known that the actress will play Modotti in the mini-series of the Italian director Edoardo de Angelis. Monica is interested in the personality of a revolutionary, and she herself offered to play this role.

However, the shooting was delayed, and the film has not yet been released.

Recently, a native of Citta di Castello became the heroine of a special edition of the Italian La Repubblica, timed to coincide with the birthday of the publication.

For the star of the film “The Matrix Reloaded” they picked up some bright and daring images from Dior. She looked especially impressive in a scarlet translucent suit.

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Monica stars completely nаked, illuminating her wonderful brеаsts
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