In a rare biкini photo, Blake shows off his toned abs, and wow!

In a rare biкini photo, Blake shows off his toned abs, and wow!

The celebrity used social media.

Blake Lively is known for lighting up the red carpet in a variety of stunning outfits, but the diva shocked fans on Wednesday by posting a rare biкini photo.

The 35-year-old posted a lovely photo of herself wearing an all-white Vitamin A ensemble that included a ballerina-style wrap top and a pair of biкini bottoms with ring accents on Instagram.

For the ultimate surfer girl look, the actress slung her free, blonde hair around her shoulders. Blake appeared to be in good spirits as she smiled for the camera and posed next to a pool surrounded by palm trees.

Olivia Newton John, the iconic star of Grease, was honoured by Blake with the simple caption: “Summer lovin’…had a great time.

One of her followers quickly commented on the photo, writing: “You’re sooo beautiful,” while another said: “Such a goddess,” adding a red heart emoji.

Third wrote: “Ok queen, I see you’re getting ready for your birthday tomorrow,” and fourth wrote: “Why is she permanently perfect.”

Blake’s swimsսit photo was taken after she gave her fans a peek into her home life with her kids. The actress showed off her culinary skills on Instagram Stories in an effort to impress her three daughters, James, 7, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2.

The actress is shown in the video frying an enormous pancake as she is at home in her opulent kitchen. Don’t tell a Virgo they can’t cook a personalised cat pancake even when they have no tools and no time, she wrote in the description.

The mother of three quipped at the conclusion, “You come for me, and I will cat you.”

Blake and her boyfriend Ryan, 45, have three daughters together. Early in 2010, while shooting on the film Green Lantern, the devoted couple had their first encounter. The couple wed in South Carolina in 2012, and they later had a second ceremony in the privacy of their own home.

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In a rare biкini photo, Blake shows off his toned abs, and wow!
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