Penelope poses fiercely in a black biкini in this amazing picture

Penelope poses fiercely in a black biкini in this amazing picture

The star of On The Fringe is delivering it.

In her most recent social media post, Penelope Cruz demonstrated that she is not afraid to embrace the bolder and more exposing aspects of her identity as a style icon.

The actress recently released a further outtake from her photoshoot with Dust Magazine, this time displaying her amazing figure.

She posed in a black bikini with a bustier top and high-waisted bottoms with a leather underwire portion, accessorised with a leather motorcycle jacket and sheer tights to show off her long legs.

Penelope even slightly lowered one of the bottoms for a more edgy attitude while looking directly into the lens with her long hair fashioned into fringe.

Her followers were astounded by the image, with some simply showering her with flame emojis and others writing comments like “This photoshoot is absolutely stunning,” “No words, simply spectacular,” and “As beautiful as ever.”

The stylish black and white images Penelope has been sharing from her appearance for the magazine have been a hit with her followers.

With even more audacity, the Oscar-winning actress gave fans their first look at her next photo session just before Christmas by releasing a snap of herself posing topless in just her lacy knickers.

The 48-year-old actress was featured on the cover of the magazine’s Spanish edition, standing sideways and concealing a bit of her bosom with her arms.

The question that was answered was, “How are you still the most beautiful woman in the world?” Another exclaimed, “You are really gorgeous! also gifted! And a source of inspiration for your environmental efforts. Happy Holidays to you and your wonderful family!”

Another chimed in, “OMG! This is incredible. So lovely,” and a fourth wrote: “WOW Penelope. Wow!”

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Penelope poses fiercely in a black biкini in this amazing picture
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