It was announced the dеаth of Angie! All in mоurning

It was announced the dеаth of Angie! All in mоurning

The deаth of Angelina Jolie was reported on the social network. The tragic news was accompanied by a photograph of the actress’s weeping family.
But let’s hasten to reassure the fans of the star, it turned out to be a new scary trend.

On Facebook, Americans who want to increase the popularity of their accounts are hyping the deаths of celebrities. Last week, several publics published the same message at once:

“At around 11 a.m. ET on Sunday [April 23, 2023], our beloved actress Angelina Jolie passed away.”

A photo was attached to the post. In the picture, allegedly the Jolie family bowed in sobs at the coffin. In fact, the frame is just a picture from the Internet, which depicts unknown people.

The first such method of promotion was decided to try out an American site about stars, the idea was immediately picked up in social networks. Users who did not believe in Angelina’s deаth began to complain about these publications.

And justice was soon restored. Records of the deаth of the ex-wife of Brad Pitt have already been deleted.

Note that while the crooks were trying to earn extra money on the deаth of Jolie, the actress shone at a reception at the White House. Angelina attended a gala dinner with US President Joe Biden.

The Hollywood star was accompanied by her son Maddox. At the reception, Jolie appeared in a vintage white Chanel blazer. She wore it over a white dress. No rumors can spoil the mood of the actress, that day she was at her best.

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It was announced the dеаth of Angie! All in mоurning
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