“Little hero!” What the baby that was born 17 pounds looks like now

The average weight of infants at birth is approximately 3kg, but there are some outliers and very few babies who are born with significantly more than that. 13 years ago, a girl was born weighing an extraordinary amount which made headlines all over the world.

Tatyana was born in the Altal Territory to a military father and midwife mother. Interestingly, her mom already had 10 children before she was born. The 11th pregnancy seemed ordinary until the last month when her mother’s stomach started to expand rapidly.

Ultrasound revealed that the baby was significantly heavier than expected, which posed a threat to Tatyana’s health. As such, doctors decided to go ahead with a caesarean section to ensure her safety and the newborn’s health.

To their surprise, the baby weighed 7.7 kg – far more than what was previously estimated at 6 kg!

It’s noteworthy that this girl is the first one to be examined for this particular case globally. The examination of her is definitely a milestone worth mentioning.

Thankfully, little Nadia was born healthy and safe, even though her nutrition proved to be difficult. In the end, however, everything worked out perfectly.

Nadia is now a teenager and it’s difficult to recall her earlier self when looking through childhood pictures.

Even though some of Tatyana’s descendants have moved in, the family still has great quality time together in their three-bedroom apartment like it used to be in the past.

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“Little hero!” What the baby that was born 17 pounds looks like now
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