In 1983, a baby boy weighing 7.2 Ibs was born. How does he live 39 years later

Kevin Robert Clark was born in 1983 and his arrival was met with great fanfare in America, as he weighed a whopping 7.2 Ibs, making him the biggest baby in the country at the time.
During Patricia Clark’s pregnancy with Kevin, she had a feeling that the baby might be on the larger side, considering the history of big babies in their family. However, she was still caught off guard by the surprise of just how large he turned out to be.After bringing the baby home from the hospital, Patricia and her family realized that Kevin was too big for the standard crib, and all of his clothes were too small for him as well.
By the time Kevin reached the age of 12, he was already towering over others at a height of over 152 pounds. Recalling his childhood, Kevin admits that finding clothes and shoes that fit properly was a major challenge, especially since he was growing at such a rapid pace. He constantly needed new clothes, making things difficult for both him and his family.Due to his towering height, everyone around Kevin pushed him towards sports, particularly basketball, but he had no interest in it whatsoever. Despite the pressure, Kevin did not excel in any sports. However, he did have a passion for hunting and fishing, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Kevin went on to serve in the U.S. Air Force, and currently works for the state police. Now, at the age of 39, he weights 136 Ibs and stands over 2 Ibs tall. Despite his impressive stature, Kevin is not fond of being the center of attention, as he has been subjected to jokes and taunts from a very young age. Over time, these comments have greatly annoyed him, and therefore it is not advisable to make light of his size.Despite the challenges he faced as a result of his size, Kevin has managed to live a fulfilling life. He has found love with his soulmate and has a furry companion in the form of his dog, bringing him happiness. Kevin often encounters people who  ask him if he plays basketball, to which he replies with a clever retort: “ Do you play miniature golf”?

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In 1983, a baby boy weighing 7.2 Ibs was born. How does he live 39 years later
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